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Post  Marianu on Sun Jan 18, 2009 10:08 pm

So, right now you may be wondering where's the ShoutBox... yeah well i had to delete it... why? 'cause my vacations are over and I really need to concentrate on school stuff.

I won't be uploading albums for a while, say a couple of weeks... or maybe months. But that doesn't mean other uploaders won't be uploading.

I deleted the ShoutBox 'cause as you already know I'm the one that's always there answering your requests, so if I'm not here then who would be answering and talking to you? that's what I tought. Feel free to use this Request Forum to publish your needs and someday someone will answer them... guaranteed.

Please guys I need your understanding and support on this one It'll be just for a while, I promise I will upload albums and the Shoutbox will be up and running in no time.

Thanks alot for your attention and support guys, you're amazing! Very Happy


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-Requests should be placed in the Request Forum under the appropriate letter. (ANYONE can fill a request in the forums, not only the contributors, so any help or contributing is VERY appreciated.)


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